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Another Example Why Tech Recruiting is Broken.

I just got this email on my email account… 

  • Unsolicited, “blind” resume with the engineer’s contact details removed, typical example of resumes getting shopped around
  • For a person with skills that we don’t require (we don’t have any advertised job openings)
  • Sent to someone (me) with a huge database of tech talent who is trying to put clueless recruiters like these out of business
Hi Matt-
 My name is Audrey Panzeri and I am a recruiter for high tech startups. I wanted to reach out and see if you have an interest in a candidate I’m working with out of Apple.  He is a PM/PMM looking for a earlier stage company where he can make a larger impact.  He has experience working on cross platform (OS10, iOS, and iCloud) applications and on both consumer and enterprise products.  He also has a great education out of Princeton.
I’m not sure where you are with your hiring needs or if he’s a fit but I would love the chance to chat.  Thanks and I look forward to your feedback. 

Audrey Panzeri

Quest Groups

Executive Recruiter

Ph: 650.328.4100X119

Cell: 650.438.0781


Attachments: Candidate 365815 (Blind #240820).DOC
File #5E687E1F0C2C227D54