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If we are to succeed, we have to enjoy what we do. If we enjoy what we do, we will be enthusiastic about it. Enthusiasm thereby enables us to push as hard as we need to push for as long as we need to push to achieve our best.
John R. Wooden

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Saying you’re going to do a startup or you want to be a ‘serial entrepreneur’ has about as much meaning as saying ‘I’m going to jump off a plane.’ ”

“Why would you undertake any activity where you get your ass kicked every day, don’t get paid enough, and suffer through years of misery only to maybe find a problem worth solving?” he says.

The only reason to do this is if you feel passionate about changing the world in a meaningful way. You have to start with a problem that really impacts people’s lives and then present a solution they actually want.

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2013 Year in Review


What an incredible year, that flew by in the blink of an eye. I wanted to take this blog post to reflect on some of the highlights of the year, both professionally & personally…. 

  • Getting married
  • Raising $2.7m from an amazing group of investors for Hired
  • Growing the team from 6 to 30 in the span of just 12 months, and building a culture that focuses on hiring as a key priority
  • Introducing thousands of talented Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers and Product Managers to some truly amazing and innovative start-ups
  • Travel! It’s been another year of accumulating miles… Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong (for the Chinese New Year), South Beach, Aspen, Johannesburg, Botswana (Okavango Delta!), Qatar, Montreal, New York… 291,924 km, 33 cities in 14 countries in all, if you believe TripIt.
  • Great Meals! French Laundry, Acquarello, Gary Danko, Zuma, Del Posto, Michael Mina, Morimoto… it’s been a year of tasting menus and fine dining.
  • Turning the big 3-0
  • TV show of the year: West Wing (I realize I’m about 10 years late)
  • Documentaries: Eternal Enemies: Lions vs. Hyenas, Queen of Versailles, Samsara, U.N. Me, Fatal Assistance
  • Favorite Book Author of the Year: Peter Drucker

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Forbes Names Hired Hottest Startup of 2013.